Fold7 / Case Study

CoppaFeel!: Know Yourself

Encouraging young people to take their health into their own hands.

With a quarter of young people unaware that breast cancer can affect them, Fold7 partnered with CoppaFeel! to produce a powerful campaign promoting self-discovery and body positivity. ‘Know Yourself’ encapsulates the concept that no one knows your body better than you do, based on the insight that being aware of what your ‘normal’ is means you’re more likely to notice a change in your body.

The film features young people on a journey of self-discovery with their bodies in an intimate series of vignettes. The campaign was extended further in print and outdoor, with the human body presented as a landscape to be explored by overlaying geographical contour lines across intimate close-up photography.

​​The ‘human landscape’ images were captured in collaboration with Fujifilm, with and were displayed in a public exhibition at the Fujifilm House of Photography in London.

​​To extend the campaign beyond awareness and into action, Miroma Project Factory developed the CoppaFeel! Self Checkout app; a one-stop-shop aimed at young people with a range of features designed to normalise the checking experience.