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    Snapchat Miroma Project Factory Lens Partner
    January 17, 2023

    Snapchat announces Miroma Project Factory as the only official Australian Snapchat Lens Creative Partner

    Miroma Project Factory (MPF) has been announced as an official Lens Creative Partner, working directly with Snapchat to provide cutting-edge creative and technical skills for their internal clients and brands. MPF has long built innovative and bold interactive creative content to engage audiences through augmented reality (AR). 

    With six billion AR lens plays per day on average and over 250 million Daily Average Users engaged with augmented reality daily1, Snapchat has become synonymous with Social AR. As the demand for AR content grows on the platform, it is important that brands find an experienced Snapchat partner with the expertise in the development process and creative best practices, who can help them reach their goals. MPF has been building out AR, VR and lens experiences for Just Water, Laika Studios, IMAX, Disney, Colossal and SKY Studios with some reaching almost half a million impressions. 

    “With extensive experience in AR campaign development, we leverage visualisations, playful filters and micro-games and we are looking forward to bringing our clients’ products to life,” said Amber Clarke, Marketing & Client Success Manager, Miroma Project Factory who lead the intensive internal Snapchat interview and testing process. “We are excited to become a Snapchat Lens Creative Partner and look forward to using our creativity, innovation and expertise to enhance experience and build great value for our clients. We are especially thrilled to use some of Snapchat’s newer technologies like Spectacles.” 

    You can view Miroma Project Factory’s augmented reality experience here.  

    As a Snapchat Creative Lens Partner, MPF is joining an exclusive group of nominated experts for APAC with extensive knowledge of the Snapchat platform to meet the rising demand for interactive and unforgettable experiences.  

    January 17, 2023
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