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    June 06, 2022

    Miroma Group debuts first campaign for Asthma + Lung UK

    The campaign highlights the importance of breath and how integral it is to every part of life.

    Asthma + Lung UK has unveiled its first integrated advertising campaign since rebranding at the end of February in a bid to transform the nation’s respiratory health.

    In ‘Breath Is Life’ viewers see a montage of clips featuring athletes, young kids, couples, elderly people and babies all taking breaths in various situations. Developed by creative agency Miroma Group, the look and feel of the ad aims to reflect the organization’s new contemporary vision.

    “Our campaign highlights the link between breathing and all aspects of being alive, and the right to breathe freely applies to everyone, regardless of income, age, ethnicity, gender or background. We want to reach even more people with these adverts, including those that don’t have a lung condition but might be concerned about the impact that air pollution, for instance, can have on their health,” said Sarah Woolnough, chief executive officer at Asthma + Lung UK.

    “With our eye-catching new look, important strategy and unforgettable ‘Breath Is Life’ campaign, we are determined to fight for a world where everyone has healthy lungs, by campaigning for more research into lung conditions, cleaner air and better access to diagnosis and treatment.”

    Coverage for the campaign will also come from digital outdoor billboards in various cities, as well as a radio advert featuring a poem about breath, which ends with the line: “Breath is life, and it’s worth fighting for.”

    “This campaign is all about an urgent call to take lung health seriously. It does this by reframing lung health in terms of breath – because without it, there can be no life. The approach was to highlight the centrality of breath in every aspect of living – from sport to music, sex to birth,” added Marc Nohr, executive director of agencies at Miroma Group.

    “It’s an uplifting celebration of breath’s life-giving qualities. But, by extension, it’s a powerful argument that our right to breathe must be protected at all costs. It ultimately supercharges the importance of respiratory health in the public consciousness.”

    This article originally appeared in The Drum on 6 June 2022.

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