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    Idris Elba and Marc Boyan SillyFace
    June 15, 2023

    Idris Elba and Marc Boyan partner to launch new marketing and content business, SillyFace

    Actor, filmmaker and musician, Idris Elba, and Marc Boyan, founder of Miroma Group, one of the largest independent marketing groups in the world, today announced the launch of their new international business venture, SillyFace. A global marketing and content business, SillyFace aims to unearth new storytellers and reinvigorate creativity and fun in brand marketing through ideation, creation and distribution of both long and short form content. 

    There is a growing sense of ‘purpose-fatigue’ amongst consumers, according to research by GfK¹, making it more difficult for brands to gain and hold the attention of their targeted audiences. With this backdrop, brands need to adopt new approaches to garner attention from consumers. 

    “On a daily basis, I work alongside global brands who are struggling to understand the intersection between modern cultural trends, brand identity and its consumer base. It is creating apprehension and hindering creative storytelling”, said Marc Boyan, founder and CEO of Miroma Group. “SillyFace has been created to lean into culture and new global trends, offering a fun environment to get creative rather than be afraid.  Idris and I are both from underrepresented backgrounds and we see the world a little differently.  We’re aiming to bring our thinking to brands to give people a voice and share stories that resonate with the consumer, whilst keeping the brand safe from criticism.” 

    Idris Elba added: “I’m at my creative best when I am relaxed, not anxious or considering all the ‘what ifs’. However, this isn’t always the atmosphere that creatives are faced with when brand building. SillyFace is here to bring back that feeling of creative excellence.

    “We want more voices, more views and open, mutually respected ideation. This new venture will give me the ability to create powerful marketing campaigns. Campaigns that will truly resonate and engage with the people I want to connect with. It will also allow me to share my knowledge and experience with other brands and co-create campaigns we’re all proud of.  This is just the start for us. I can’t wait to get started.” he added.

    Born in response to demand for a new approach by marketers and consumers, SillyFace will bring together a team of global, creative marketers and content creators – under the expert guidance of Elba and Boyan – all with a different perspectives and backgrounds, to ensure they add the excitement back into brand building.  The first new hires for SillyFace include Rahul Chopra as Chief Strategy Officer, Miroma Group, who recently joined from Instagram where he was Director, Reels and Camera, and was previously at Facebook app and Snap Inc in senior roles.  SillyFace also welcomes Margot Hauer-King, as Chief Client and Revenue Officer, who joins from Beentheredonethat and was previously at WPP.  Both will be based in New York.  

    Possessing an extensive understanding of Gen-Z and millennial demographics that many brands are hoping to serve and connect with, SillyFace will specialise in creative ideation, content creation and distribution; helping clients deliver authentic campaigns with cultural value.  

    As a staple in popular culture through his SAG and Golden-Globe winning work as an actor, as well as his work as a producer, director and musician, Elba has a great understanding of the fashion and lifestyle industry, and experience in the brand building process, having worked to build campaigns with international brands such as Gucci, Christian Louboutin and Tanqueray and most recently developing a new wellbeing brand, S’ABLE with his wife Sabrina Elba. Elba has consistently been involved with projects that are both purpose oriented and move at the speed of culture and wants to bring this expertise to brands around the world. 

    Miroma Group also has its own deep ties to modern culture through its network of businesses that create cutting edge sports, music, fashion and entertainment campaigns and stories for brands including Spotify, Adidas and Netflix, as well as its history as an early investor in SB.TV, founded by the late Jamal Edwards MBE, and unearthed talents including Ed Sheeran.  

    SillyFace will operate as part of Miroma Group on a global scale, with the first three offices opening in London, New York and Los Angeles in 2023.

    June 09, 2023
    Miroma Group appoints former Global Director for Instagram Reels, Rahul Chopra, as Chief Strategy Officer


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