TwelveA.M / Case Study

Shakespeare For A New Generation

Reimagine Shakespeare for a younger audience through film.

To celebrate a ground-breaking initiative bringing cutting-edge technology to the world’s most iconic playwright, TwelveA.M. were tasked with introducing Shakespeare to a new generation.

Collaborating with revered spoken-word artist Suli Breaks, the agency reworked a monologue from The Tempest, creating an atmospheric and visceral film in a format that connected with a modern audience and dramatised how technology is helping push boundaries in theatre. As a result, ticket sales for The Tempest increased by 18% and the film generated over 1 million views in three days across social platforms.

TwelveA.M. nodded to the theme of the play with subtle camera and editing techniques, without over-complicating the concept, allowing Suli Breaks to take front and centre stage.

  • 18% increase in ticket sales
  • 1M organic views across social in the first three days