Way to Blue / Case Study

Helping Hamleys Own The Christmas Retail Toy List

The Rise of ‘Toy-Telligence’: combining technology and toys to show the continual drive for interactivity

Competition amongst retailers to own the top Christmas toys list is fierce and it’s a crowded space. We started working with Hamleys over a decade ago and each year we are tasked with the brief to ensure that Hamleys remains unique amongst its market competitors.

Our approach was simple – create a unique news angle that would generate coverage in top tier media and keep Hamleys front of mind. Last year was the year of Toy-Telligence. We understand the way the media works, so we held steadfast throughout the summer while other brands fought to launch their Christmas products and pitched the idea of ‘Toy-Telligence’ in line with toys hitting the shelves in October, as a rising trend of combining technology and toys to show the continual drive for interactivity.

By plugging our new trend ‘Toy-Telligence’, this generated a great deal of interest both national press and influential media in the States, leading to the media biting on to this shiny new tech-toy movement.

In this brave and ambitious campaign, we achieved a staggering 47 international pieces (including The prestigious New York Times), 15 national pieces, 8 broadcast pieces and 21 online news and consumer pieces – as well as extensive regional, trade and social media coverage.

The total reach of the coverage currently stands at 7.5 billion.