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    December 18, 2020

    Tammy Hembrow Announces Global Digital Partnership with Miroma Project Factory

    Tammy Hembrow, international influencer and owner of the Tammy Fit empire has announced that she is partnering with global integrated digital development studio Miroma Project Factory to supercharge and enhance her universal digital footprint following a competitive pitch.

    Since launching her personal brand in 2015, world-renowned Tammy Hembrow has been focused on growing the self confidence of her worldwide community. Now with over twelve million fans across a wide digital ecosystem that encompasses exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, lifestyle, consumer choices and fashion, she motivates her followers to achieve their personal goals of health, happiness and strength.

    Chosen for its extensive track record in developing commercial, health and wellbeing applications, as well as its access to the creative and marketing agencies within the Miroma Group, Miroma Project Factory has been charged with a raft of services that includes software development, UX/UI enhancement, e-commerce optimisation, paid media and strategic consultation. Together, they will spearhead the growth of Tammy Fit forming a strong, collaborative partnership with the local team to solidify its place in the fit-tech industry.

    “Tammy and her dedicated team are driving innovation across multiple segments especially in health and wellbeing. Working hand in hand, we could not be more delighted to support her international growth and trajectory through a broad scope of digital tools and platforms.” said Managing Director Miroma Project Factory Kat Jade Robinson.

    “Tammy Fit is pleased to announce its partnership with Miroma Project Factory. Teaming up to provide a seamless user experience is an exciting development. I’m eager to see where this partnership takes us. 2021 is going to be a big one! ” added Tammy Hembrow.

    December 18, 2020
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