October 12, 2020

Mischief and kindness keep us connected and resilient

This year, World Mental Health Day fell on October 10th; our annual reminder to look after ourselves, to talk about our feelings, seek help and give support to others who need it.

This year is entirely unique, of course. Never before has the world been so united in a shared experience. We have all fought personal battles and been on a rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes changing hour-by-hour. Some of us have found life-changing new perspectives, many of us are simply exhausted. And just as we thought we were coming out of it, looking forward to some degree of normality? Wham! It looks like we’re in for a long, and potentially for some, a lonely winter. What we need now is resilience.

As we head into the next phase, fresh approaches will ensure our energy isn’t depleted and that we have sufficient reserves to manage constantly shifting priorities. Lockdown has altered our definition of life quality, and much of this has been a wake-up call.

How ready we feel has a lot to do with our relationship with work. As Fold7’s People Partner, I’ve always looked out for the team’s emotional and physical health. We are a family. And like everyone else at the agency, I’ve done my best under difficult circumstances. Above all, I’ve focussed on keeping us connected and as a result, I can genuinely say, we’ve come through this stronger: closer and more productive.

I followed my instinct, but we now have empirical evidence to support this strategy. The Leesman Home Working report, a survey of over 125,000 respondents across 83 countries, which highlighted the differentiators in businesses, found that our happiness and satisfaction in working from home was all about employers’ and colleagues’ actions and behaviours to make people feel connected.

So, on this day of reflection and focus on our collective mental health, I would like to share our experience and some of the things that worked for us, in the hope that it can work for others too.

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Marian Connolly, Fold7, People Partner