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    March 08, 2021

    Our favourite women in fiction

    Whether they’re bold, brave or brutal, fictional characters can inspire us in unique ways. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked our agency staff to share some of their favourite female characters of all-time.

    Tash Wright, Junior Copywriter, Contented:

    I’d have to say Fleabag would be mine. She’s unapologetically flawed, has the quickest wit, and carries herself with a certain magnetism that so brilliantly captures what it means to be a modern woman in all its mess and glory. Best character on TV!

    Natalie Bell, Founding Partner & Art Director, Twelve A.M.:

    Jo March (Little Women) is one of my most adored long-standing literary heroines. Fiercely creative, independent and free-spirited, a rebel without care for stereotypical gender roles, seeking solace in her words and ambition to become a successful writer. Her rebellious and feminist spirit was revolutionary for the time, offering women more options to life than the conventional ‘marriage plot’.

    As Patti Smith so beautifully put it, ‘she has always been there to greet maverick girls, with a toss of her cropped hair and a playful wink to say come along. Guiding us, providing encouragement, laying her footprints on a path she beckons us to follow’.

    Nia Taylor Aiken, Account Executive, Way To Blue:

    One of my favourite fictional characters would have to be Issa Dee from the TV show Insecure. Her character is hilarious and I love watching how she navigates through her life in LA. You get to see her best and worst moments, making her character so relatable and I love to see the progression she makes throughout the series, especially with her career and relationships.

    Amber Clarke, Senior Account Manager, Miroma Project Factory:

    Olivia Benson from Law & Order SVU is a total crime-fighting badass! One of Olivia’s most prominent characteristics is her attitude. She doesn’t take shit from anybody. She is a strong and established woman and has quite a presence on the show. Every girl should be confident in that way!

    Sarah Rodrigues, Head of Account Management, Fold7:

    Growing up I always wanted to be like Lyra Belacqua from the His Dark Materials trilogy: the idea of befriending polar bears and travelling through different worlds was totally captivating.

    Most of the books I loved at the time had male protagonists, so it was so refreshing to see such a fearless female character take on the world – rejecting all the stereotypes of her gender while demonstrating such a courageous spirit and a fierce loyalty to those she loved.

    Mónica Sardina, Managing Director, Spain, Way To Blue:

    I would definitely pick Elizabeth Bennett, the main character of Jane Austen´s novel Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth is a strong woman that is not afraid to show her thoughts in a time when women´s opinion were not highly valued. I very much like the strength she shows by not being influenced by the stereotypes of the time in which she lives.

    March 08, 2021
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