September 15, 2020

Ad Week Europe 2020: Marc Nohr and Nicky Kemp on building a future of work that works for everyone

Don’t miss Marc Nohr, Group CEO Miroma Group Agencies in conversation with Nicky Kemp, editorial director of BITE at Ad Week Europe 2020 on Friday 2 October at 2.30PM BST.

Marc and Nicky will be discussing the once in a generation opportunity we have to build a more inclusive, flexible and forward-looking future of work for the creative industries.

In the wake of Coronavirus, discussions on the need for flexible working can feel outdated. But it’s more important than ever. This session will examine:

– The reset opportunity: why now is a unique opportunity to redesign how we work.

– The productivity paradox: LinkedIn research suggests we are working more since lockdown; are we more productive WFH or are today’s frenetic ways of working unsustainable?

– Self-care: how to better balance in an era when we brought not only our whole selves, but our entire families to work. Why rest and regular changes of environment are vital to creative thought.

– The fallacy of absolutes: returning to the office is not an all or nothing pursuit

– Redefining value: beyond time-sheets towards time well spent.

– The virtual safety net:How to support new talent and develop future leaders, providing mentorship in a virtual setting. It’s essential to client and agency growth, and maintaining our own health as managers.

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